You’re trying to do it all yourself because you won’t ask for help…Why?

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Hi; it’s Kathleen.

I find it curious that it’s so easy to see counterproductive behavior in other people, and such a challenge to see it in myself.

There are so many examples out there:  A friend who insists on doing all the packing and managing of her upcoming move herself; another who scans all collected business cards into her CRM herself, even though she has someone who’s willing to help; yet another who’s painting an entire house by herself, when she knows that all she needs to do to get a ton of help is open a couple bottles of wine and ask for assistance.

What’s with this ridiculous tendency of so many entrepreneurs to act like the Lone Ranger?  Are we afraid we’ll look less strong or competent if we ask for help?  Do we fear losing control or making a bad decision?  Are we subconsciously sabotaging ourselves because we’ve run into an “upper limit problem”?  (If you’re not familiar with the concept of ULPs, I strongly encourage you to read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks.)

I’m fortunate to have powerful women in my Mastermind group (not to mention a business partner) who are all cheerful – one might even say lovingly gleeful – about busting me on my Lone Ranger behaviors.

Where are you slowing yourself down by doing work that’s really not part of your skill set?  Whether it’s related to bookkeeping, managing social media, re-designing your website, or writing marketing copy (nudge, nudge, nudge…), do yourself and your bottom line a favor: Hand these tasks off to someone who’s expert in them.  The up-front investment will be far less than the cost of lost opportunities and chronic stress.

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  1. Brooke says:

    I totally agree with this. In work though – I have seen many people not pay someone else to do it because they want to save money or somehow make the money themselves. In the long run they end up losing money because they are doing a mediocre job and spending their resources time trying to figure out that other task.


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