Your behavior is almost becoming predictable.

You didn’t get your blog posted.  Again.

You were a week late on the monthly newsletter article.  Again.

Your genius email marketing campaign is sort of put together.  Well, except for the emails.

That speaker sheet?  You know, the one with the 6 year old picture of you that doesn’t even resemble your current haircut?  That one.   Has anything changed about who you are, what you know and what your message is in the past SIX years?  How did your sweet infant become a first grader in a blink?

Can a search engine even find your website since it hasn’t been updated in the past several months, or worse yet, years?

If you aren’t staying current with your message, feeding relevant content to your customers on a continual basis, what does that mean for your bottom line?

Face it.  We are all busy.  We do what has to be done and our lists of “It would be nice to…” or “I’ll get to that on the next cycle/month/opportunity” begin to pile up.

If nothing changes, no matter how noble the intent, well…nothing changes.

Hmmm….Could the time and attention it takes to sit down and creatively WRITE YOUR MARKETING COPY be the hold up?

Here’s a simple solution:  Just don’t write it. 

If you can’t, won’t or simply don’t want to write your marketing content, articles or website copy, then don’t write.

Your content simply needs to be written.

Not necessarily by you.

Keep your sanity about your weekly or monthly writing projects, knowing they are getting managed because YOU have a copywriter on retainer.

Sort of like your lawyer on retainer – only more fun and at a lower rate.

Yes, we have a special deal for people who hire us for the long haul, because we get to explore (aka: “research”, only more interesting) the necessary things we need to uncover about your topics, competition, etc. and know your subject more intimately over time.  Over our extended relationship, we know more about you, your audience, your industry and your competition, thus keeping your copywriting rates low.

Join our premier membership program as a “WQ Scribe It Member” today!

What does it mean to be a WQ Scribe It Member? (in addition to being a good decision maker):

WQ Scribe It Membership Base Monthly Packages

Choose one option per month.  You can alternate your choices for different months if that suits you best.

WQ Scribe It Membership pricing, terms, and some conditions:   

As a smart professional, you already depend on your accountant, lawyer, banker, financial planner, insurance broker, and other professionals to be part of your “A Team” to do what you don’t do as a profession.

Logically, if copywriting isn’t your profession and you have ongoing writing needs, it may be time to add “copywriter” to your outsourced professional team.  If that’s you, WordQueens would be honored to be in your back pocket, too.  So to speak, of course.

Contact cindy@wordqueens.com with any inquires for one-time projects or to become a WQ Scribe It Member and finally get your stuff written, for crying out loud.

Our promise:  WordQueens is lucky to be in the profession of creatively making things up – like other artists, not necessarily like your tax accountant.  We strive to make our engagement not only valuable and a relief for you, but also fun.


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