“I was introduced to Cindy Daniels via my website designer. To say that the degree to which Cindy connected with me, asked the right deep-dive questions, laser listened, and transformed not just my thoughts and words – but who I am at heart and the value I offer, would be an understatement. She is a rare talent in storytelling, and told mine authentically and beautifully. The bonus? She is now an admired colleague and treasured friend. If you need a gifted copywriter, she’s your gal!” ~ Barb Poole, Hire Imaging, LLC

“Working with Cindy at WordQueens was a complete, thorough, and satisfying experience.  The questionnaire she had us complete as our first step was eye opening and very insightful as it asked questions at an angle we never have seen before. This gave Cindy an in-depth idea of our company, our team, and what our goals were with our business. Her use of words was absolutely amazing and she took the time to do the research needed to professionally write for our website.  Cindy adhered to her timeline and completed the project within the agreed upon time frame. We highly recommend using Cindy! She is a true professional and an expert at what she does!  P.S. As an added bonus, she is very friendly!” ~ Spencer Mistelske, Turnkey Restoration

“Thanks for everything! I enjoyed working with you and really love what you did. You said it well. It’s really amazing getting an outside perspective. I had no idea it could be that rich!” ~ Steve Kloyda, The Prospecting Expert

“Cindy was awesome to work with!  She was able to fully comprehend what our organization was about and what direction we were wanting the website to do.  Her responsiveness was incredible.  The turnaround time on the project was incredible.  And of course the copy she wrote for us is perfectly matched to who we are and what we want to present to the public.  She articulates the words that are floating around on your head but can’t seem to put down on paper.” ~ Elizabeth Sherry, Twin Cities Wedding & Event Professionals

“Cindy nailed it right from the beginning! Maybe she didn’t know much about foreign accents, but she asked all the right questions. I wrote the content for my website, and Cindy transformed it. She spent a lot of time on the phone with me editing the final draft. As a result, I learned a lot about my own writing, the effects I need and want from the website, and why consistency is so important. Cindy showed boundless energy and enthusiasm for my project. Not only was she creative and patient, but she made the experience a lot of fun. Hire WordQueens, and save yourself a lot of time and effort. Cindy is a real pro!” ~ Cecelia Bistner, Owner and Instructor, Accents Matter

“Cindy Daniels was so easy to work with, and she was very fast at getting together all of the wording for my updated website!  Cindy really listened to me and was able to sculpt what I wanted to say.  Thank you so much Cindy for your warmth and for delivering great content in a fast professional manner!” ~ Connie,  Connie Hertz

“WOW!!!!! This is great!  You are amazing at your craft…thank you!!  I was teary-eyed reading the copy…you did a wonderful job and took a load off my shoulders.  I can’t believe what a difference this made, and I am starting to feel excited about our new website!” ~ Caroline Nelson-Spears, VP, Shirt Werks and Promotionals

“I love your emails. You have this knack for making people read what you write no matter how long or what the content! I have taken notes… I have ALWAYS marveled at how you lead people into a long email (and without pictures) and have made me want to read it!” ~ Shar at Living Life Works LLC

“I knew what I wanted to say but could not find the right words for our new firm’s website pages.  After struggling through the process on our own, I reached out to WordQueens.  After completing our initial in person interview with Cindy, our team was invigorated and inspired!  Cindy created our website narrative with the perfect arrangement of words to express our firm’s messages.  Establishing a new business includes many high stress activities.  Working with Cindy was one of our best customer service experiences.” ~ Mary Kay Palmer, Principal, Milestone Real Estate Partners

“I am very thankful that Bob referred you to me. I have been in my industry for many years, and I have never seen anything quite like what you “Queens” have produced.  I could have spent two years working on this and not have produced what you did – absolutely fantastic. It was exactly what I was looking for: something to separate us from everyone else. I would recommend you in a heartbeat! It was definitely money well spent.  Awesome work!” ~ Bryan Johnson, Vice President, Three Pines Construction

“We were thrilled with the article you provided [on] the topic of creating a powerful marketing message.  We are always looking for professional contributions that will help our business clients improve the results of their marketing efforts, and many found your article helpful.” ~ Kellee Gabel, The Web Professional

“WOW!  Nice job [on the script for my video].  ” ~ Rebecca Metz, Modern Inconveniences

“Great article!  I just finished it and had to write and thank you for your wisdom.” ~ Cathy Haukedahl, Flagship Bank


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