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Kathleen here.

Regardless of where you turn, one message comes through loud and clear when it comes to online promotion of your business: You must provide valuable content to your readers. As the saying goes, “Content is king” (although, in our world, content is naturally Queen).

If only content were all we had to deal with.

I decided to take advantage of a service called Thumbtack to promote WordQueens’ copywriting business online.  I was cruising along during the registration process when I encountered a phrase that fills me with dread:  “Copy and paste this link to your website.”

I don’t wanna!!

Cindy and I are copywriters; we are so not techies. This was proven to us in the harshest possible terms when we attempted to set up our WordQueens website ourselves. We experienced the full gamut of painful emotions: aggravation, rage, frustration, despair, impatience, rage, doubt, lack of confidence, rage…You get the idea. This doesn’t even begin to address the physical symptoms: the stress headaches, strained eyes, clenched teeth, and various facial tics.

There were only two good things to come out of that horrendous experience. One, we hired Barbara Schendel of WizzyWig Design to save us from ourselves and take over the tech work.  Two, we learned at a gut level just what it costs to insist on doing something yourself, despite the fact that you have essentially no skills in that area.

While Good Thing #1 saved our sanity, it’s Good Thing #2 that made us realize what a service WordQueens can provide for people who are struggling to write their own marketing content.  How cool that we’ve got a chance to be super-heroes to someone else!

Now it’s time for you to toot your horn.  When have you been the answer to a client’s prayers? Tell us your success story!

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