We’re tilting again!

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Living in the land of stupid cold in the winter for five decades, I always look forward to the Winter Solstice.  The day the light comes back again.  Nice.

This morning I posted on my facebook page, “The best day of the year…and the official start of gardening season. Tonight we all tilt again as we ride this big rock…and the light starts coming back to the North. 🙂 Happy Solstice!”

What was interesting, was the response.  It’s safe to say that my fb buddies were also looking forward having long hours of darkness shorten again in the Northern Hemisphere.  The comments ranged from my view of gardening season being “optimistic”(I’ll give Bob that, considering the ground won’t thaw for 5 months) to “what a great way to look at it.”

Of course this threw me into a brain spin about “interpretation”.   Again.  We live in an online world of words  – writing comprised of little more than sound bites, 140 character maxes, “likes” and links.   It’s fast.  The reader is in and out of what is said with little thought more than a first impression based on the filters they marinate in day in and day out  – moods, values, background, upbringing, the “jerk” driver during rush hour.  After all…everybody is busy, right?…get on with it!

Yet, when it comes to one’s OWN expression, it’s different.

Everyone wants to be heard.  Feel special.  Be noticed.

Over the last couple of days, I was working with a business owner on some web copy who said she picked me as a writer for my “style”.  When I delivered the first draft of my interpretation of her business/offerings, she wanted me to edit it to be “edgier”.  That’s not all that different than giving free reign to a bunch of first graders in a toy store saying, “have at it!”  I behaved.  It’s publishable.  She’s delighted.

Then yesterday, I got a call from a lovely woman who is concerned that although her work is excellent, creative, and makes a bucket-load of money for her company, she isn’t taken seriously.  There is a common theme in her world that she feels discounted for her research and ideas, while others are more than happy to take credit for her genius.  We got into a conversation about “congruency”.  There is clearly a personal branding problem that she now understands needs addressing.

Both of these talented professionals believe that they project one image to the world, yet their feedback proves differently.  NOTE:  That only happens with human beings who interact with other human beings.  To change the perception, one needs an outside perspective.  We cannot change anything we don’t acknowledge, and sometimes we need some help getting there.  Thank goodness for coaches!

Which brings me full circle.  All of us are riding this same rock that tilts back and forth every six months.  Why not pay attention and lend a hand , or an ear or some words that encouragement to our fellow passengers?

Here a little visual for you.  When a dog is curious (once you’ve gotten its attention, of course) it will often tilt its head in curiosity, in wonderment, as if what you have to say is the most important thing – ever.

As our entire planet tilts, all of us could use a bit more curiosity and wonder.  In this time of bringing more light to parts our world, let’s take some time to see how we can see the light in others as well.  They want to shine and be heard.  Just like you do.

Joy, Blessings and Happy Solstice!


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  1. Wendy Shields says:

    Wonderful piece. Love your mind!


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