The Next Step on Our Journey to Genius

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The really cool thing about a solid partnership is being able to splat things on the table, knowing that anything and everything is open for discussion.  That’s what my fabulous friend and partner WQC did the other day.

Cindy was feeling particularly gutsy, so it was she who first acknowledged that something about WordQueens was not serving her fully.  That, of course, made it super-easy for me to acknowledge that I was feeling the same way.  It turns out that both she and I had been feeling a little off balance with regard to the business.  We both know we do great work, we feel it’s a flippin’ great name, we love our website, and still…

During the course of a thoroughly supportive and authentic conversation, we came to several conclusions:

So…That’s what we’ve decided to do.  Cindy will take point in running WordQueens, and I’ll be available to write on those projects where she feels I am the perfect person for the job.  Each of us will operate in her zone, enjoy renewed energy, and continue to enjoy a profoundly valuable friendship.

Damn, we’re good!

Cindy here.  To add to Kathleen’s discussion of our table splat last week, one of the several cool things I’ve observed from that chit chat is that we both had some pent-up energy to move forward with our respective businesses as writers and communicators – and “forward” for each of us wasn’t the same direction.  The time had come to morph to something different.  What a blessing to understand it was time for change and both of us were ready at the same time!  Kind of a God-thing, I think.

Kathleen stated the results of our splat-it-on-the-table talk quite eloquently.   “Eloquent” isn’t a natural state for me.  I have a more direct form of commentary.  I was admittedly nervous about bringing up whatever felt “off” in our business model because…let’s just say I don’t “test high” for Partnership on profile tests.  I test high in independence/leadership/freedom.  Marriage?…cough-cough…oh, sorry…hairball.  I digress.  Yet, Kathleen does do Partnership.  I’ve learned a ton from her about how to make that type of relationship function.  As a bonus, I was not only lucky to be in business with a gifted, hilarious writer; she also does “direct” well, which works nicely for me after so many years of “feedback” in my coaching/training world.

That said, I’m thrilled that Kath’s next step with her make-a-difference-in-the-world life with SIB is what makes her happy, fulfilled and successful.  I’m just as excited to take the roll as boss – or as Kath calls it, Uber-WordQueen – and build the Queendom with a new/different focus, not limited to marketing copywriting.  I get to have Kath write as a key part of the expanding WordQueens services with other gifted writers, editors and proofreaders for hire.  As a bonus (one of my 2 favorite words), I’m delighted that our strong friendship made the table-splat easy and I walked away with the understanding that I don’t completely suck at partnership.

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  1. Wendy Shields says:

    Sending you both the most positive thoughts I have available to me on your new journeys!


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