The heat is on…

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Kathleen here.

As in many parts of the United States, we in Minnesota have been dealing with hot weather – and a lot of it.  Temps of 100 degrees F (38C) seem to suck all the energy out of you, even if you’re just moving in and out of your car on the way to meetings.  Not only is it physically stressful to deal with the changes from hot-and-humid outside to cold-and-dry inside air-conditioned buildings, but let’s face it:  It’s hard to feel and look  professional if you’re sweating like a farm animal.

This challenging weather got me to thinking:  What kind of an environment am I creating for my prospects and clients?  Do I ever come across as the business equivalent of energy-sucking heat and humidity?

Much as it pains me to admit it, I realize I am not the most important thing in my clients’ lives.  I’m actually a supporting actor in their major production, and they definitely have the starring role.  Still, background events and the people around us absolutely impact how we feel and act.  I get to always remember: My job is to make life better for my clients, not create conditions that are stressful for them.

How can we all help our clients stay cool and calm, despite other challenges around them? Often, even little things can have a big impact.

So…What do you do to create a calming, cooling breeze when your clients are on the hot seat?

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