Squirrel Wars

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For us, part of the joy of being entrepreners is variety, the excitement of possibilities and new ideas, all of which


Yes, it’s true:  We fight a constant battle against Squirrel!!  Also known as Shiny Object Syndrome, it’s the tendency to be lured by the latest, greatest, newest…whatever.  It could be a new service to offer clients, a new information product we can develop to create a passive-income stream, a new app to “enhance our productivity” (Hah!), or just about any damn interesting thing.  Whatever we call it, we know we get to monitor ourselves to ensure that we don’t fall into the trap of chasing after every shiny new possibility that comes along.  That way lies madness.

Fortunately, we realize that focusing on the business outcomes we want to create helps us ignore the siren call of Squirrel!!  Kathleen went so far as to create a chart she can see from her desk, listing key categories of “activities that move the business forward”.  When she’s tempted to head off on an interesting tangent, she looks at The Chart and asks herself, “Does this shiny object fit into any of those key categories?  Does it truly represent an activity that will help me create the business outcomes I want?”  If not, she walks away – sadly, but knowing that she’s done her business a big favor in the long run.

So here’s our question for you today.  If you had a coat of arms for your business, what symbol would be on it:  a squirrel or a bulls-eye?

One Response to Squirrel Wars

  1. Robyn King says:

    Love the ‘squirrel’ – did you invent that phrase or is that common verbiage now? You guys know Wes and he teases me about getting distracted by “shiny” things all the time – literally the shiny distractions like jewelry but also anything sparkly, interesting, exciting, distracting 🙂

    Good job Kath on the keeping the chart in front of you….bullseye! not squirrel 🙂


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