A Cause for Celebration!

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WordQueens has a beautiful website.  Now we can do what we do best, which is write kick-ass copy.

Both of us are smart women, and we got caught up in thinking we “should” be able to figure out the “easy to use” WordPress platform.

What were we thinking???

We took turns doing battle with widgets, and plug-ins and themes – oh, my!  Cindy got her case of the hives first, then Kathleen came down with hers.  We finally acknowledged that building a website is not in our skill set.  (Read:  We suck at it.)

We finally admitted that just because we theoretically could do techie stuff didn’t mean we should spend our time doing it.  We’re copywriters.  Our forté is writing website content, not building website infrastructure.  Doh!

Fortunately, a good Queen is smart enough to know when to get the hell out of her own way and hire an expert.  We owe Barbara Schendel of WizzyWig Design chocolate for life for the way she brought our website alive.

The good news is that we now know on a gut level how painful it is to work outside one’s skill set, and we’re excited that we can save our clients from the pain of attempting to write copy when that’s not what they do best.

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