“Please Tell Me You’re Not Serious.”

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How many times have you heard that? If not many, you probably were never a parent or a teenager.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this while frustrated, so I’m likely to go on some kind of rant because, like the cobbler whose kids have holes in their shoes, I haven’t figured out my own stuff while performing the same tasks my clients expect me to rock for them.

I hate that when that happens.

I’ve been thinking it’s time WordQueens gets a tag line. You know, walk our talk. A good part of life as a copywriter is coming up with headlines, subtitles, bullet-points, and conversations to make our clients’ customers “get them” – buy their fabulous stuff, make their brilliance relevant to their customers’ needs, etc.  Seems easy enough, right? As long as the search engines are happy if it’s online written content, or someone actually reads the direct mail piece, or a brochure gets swiped out of a rack because it intrigues.

Then there are tag lines – the identification phrases that further “define” what the business or brand is about – and often take up logo space, real estate on printed collateral and website banners. Taglines tend to be more “permanent” and can often anchor a company’s culture – in a shorter, more public way than a mission statement. Considering one of my 2 favorite words is “options”, making this “just right” for the customer usually has my brain go into overdrive…never leaving me alone in the shower, while driving…you know the drill.

For our own descriptive, I thought I’d start with what we are NOT, just to get that crap out of my head. The “process of elimination” strategy was the starting point this time because the usual popcorn brain strategy wasn’t popping.  What to eliminate?  Well, in my writer’s group, there is a lovely lady, Laura Barclay, who is an expert on “etiquette and civility” and gets a lot of deserved press for her genius. Those of you having that sort of need, please check out Laura’s site. That’s where the “elimination” idea came to mind.

Last week, I had to remind my writer friends that WordQueens was not about “etiquette and civility” even though we work with clients who can handle both – ummm – ways of being. We’re not talking sass and obnoxious here or anything, but I already know that our “direct” style of having clients get what they are asking for works for us. We just don’t start and stop the game with the “words” they need written.  Our writers have decades of experience with screwing up and succeeding, so we can cut to the chase and produce – all while giving value beyond the writing, of course.

After eliminating the etiquette piece, I came up with about 25 ideas that were marginal at best.  I knew I ran myself into a muddy ditch and kept spinning.  Even coming back to it later, which almost always generates a new perspective, didn’t help.  I needed a mental towing service!  I sent my lame list to one of my advisors at KABYT, who has a promoter’s brain.  His comment, “I’m going to be blunt. Because you know it’s coming from a place of love. These are blah. You are a badass writer. These headlines sound like a shitty bullet point on a resume.”

I couldn’t even say, “Ouch!”.  LOVED the feedback…even if it did state the obvious – my list sucked. The solution has not shown up but at least I’ve gotten the towing service to pull me out of my rut.

If you have a beating heart, I promise there are times that happens for you.  Do you do something about it?  At times we all need an outside perspective from a coach, teacher, friend or expert that can give us the “Please-tell-me-you’re-not-serious…I’m-sure-your-brain-cells-will-return-soon” talk.  Are you open to shut up and listen, shift and further your progress on whatever you are seeking to accomplish?

We were not meant to be experts in everything, and even if we are an expert in something…another perspective can often make all the difference. Reach out!

Here’s my reach out today….LOVE to have you “like” WordQueens on facebook!  I’ll likely unveil our tagline (meaning some clever wording on what we can do for those who need writing done) there. Once I get out of my own way, of course.  WQCindy

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