“New Message“ trumps “New You”

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“New Year, New You” would make it to #1 on my “Most Annoying Headlines” list.  If I had a list.

I remember doing a speech with that title about decade ago.  Yaaawwwnnnn.  The world really could use some decent headline writers who can speak to the literal among us – the majority of our population.

I understand the reason content writers use that headline – even if it’s antiquated.  There is nothing like a squeaky clean new year to get everyone on the bandwagon of regrouping, freshening, or even deciding it’s time for a complete overhaul.  Much of our resolve to “change-things-this-year-once-and-for-all” is spurred by things we wish were different in our lives.

Resolutions, while commendable in concept, are “put off” until some magic date, often New Year’s Day, as somehow things will be “different” on that special date because [fill in your illusion here].

“Wishing” vs. “Declaring” are motives generated from two very different places within each of us.  Ask yourself if your resolutions for cleaner eating, more hours at the gym, decluttering and organizing, or staying more connected with friends fall into either the “Nice Idea” or “No Kidding” category.  Yeah.  Ouch, right?

Many of us get so accustomed to our own hamster wheels of life, so dictated by our repeated patterns that we believe that’s simply “what is”.  And to think we can easily switch to some new behavior because the ball dropped again in Times Square?

My experience, after a long career as an effectiveness coach, is that people will reach their goals and aspirations to change much sooner when they both put them in writing and declare them publicly in some way.  Could it be time for a new public declaration with your marketing message?  Your new sales offering?  Your story?

“New Year, New Message”

Every single day, “messaging” is what we all do.

We write.  We read.  We watch.  We listen for distinctive ring tones on our smart phones.

We text, post on social media sites, publish blog entries, create videos, compose music.  We strive to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be loved.

All day.  Every day.  Messages, messages.

It can become pervasive, chaotic and messy to manage.

How is YOUR message going to be seen and heard in the sea of entertaining messages or marketing content all of us are practically drowning in daily?

Maybe a new perspective is what you could use?  How about if you offered a fresh new message to your peeps?

Sure, you have 365 days to make a difference with your brilliance.  By February 1, you’ll be down to 334 days.  The clock ticks…and waits for none of us to like it ticking away.  It just ticks.

If you don’t hit the ground running, nothing will be different (you know that, I know that).  Before you know it you’ll be all distracted with what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day.

How to solve?  Let me be your WQ* for a bit!  I’ll make this stupid easy for you – easier than any of your “nice idea” New Year’s Resolutions which will soon fall off your radar screen.  Again.  Easier, because YOU don’t have to actually DO the heavy lifting and still get fit.  Slick, huh?  Here’s the deal:

Yesterday, I was thinking about January 1, 2014.


1’s and 4’s (Yeah…patterns.  Can’t really help it)

Hmmm…What can I do with “1’s and 4’s” to inspire “New Year, New Message” fresh content so people can actually GET IT DONE for themselves early in the year?  How can I serve those who 1) don’t know where to start, 2) don’t have time or 3) find it difficult to shift their mindset to develop a new effective message?  What could be my helluva deal?

Your WQ’s* genius solution:

I’m all excited.  I always get to work with people who are “up to something”.  Lucky lucky.

Is it time for you to publish something with a new twist?  Do you have a colleague who can’t write, won’t write or probably shouldn’t write their own stuff (I mean the public content)?  I’d be honored to be your writer and idea strategist if NOW is your time to express your message and your coolness to the world.

Contact me soon – please and thank you.  I’ll need much more coffee by the 14th.

Caveat (since “options” is one of my favorite words):  If you need something a little different than this limited promo — like maybe a combo of pieces, a campaign, or something — let’s talk and we’ll maybe include a 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 if you like those numbers better.

You know it’s going to be your best year…ever!



(*) – WQ in this article means WordQueen, copywriter, buddy, best friend, coach, teacher, cheerleader, pep talker, voice in your head nagging you to do what you know to be your truth or to be necessary

Before you jump all over me, suggesting I look in the mirror as I rarely update this WordQueens website, I’m painfully aware it could seriously use some vacuuming and dusting on all my pages.   I’ve never been a fan of dusting until “it’s about darn time”, so I’ll stay in true form for another few weeks and work on writing your stuff first.

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