My Socially Irresponsible
Coffee Cup

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I, WQ Cindy, bring my work to a coffee shop.  A lot.  It’s a great venue for meetings with web or graphic designers or clients, doing some blog or copywriting, relishing a change of venue from my home office, etc.

I prefer a favorite chain of coffee stores in the Twin Cities area.  Any quantity of caffeine isn’t a good thing for me, yet I like this company’s place best because it offers many options (one of my two favorite words) in drinks, locations, floor plans and traffic, so my Gemini self doesn’t get bored.

As I sit in the very place I’m describing, I’m looking at my paper cup with the plastic lid and the cardboard thing they put around the outside so my fingers don’t fry off.  I wonder how many of these I’ve actually bought in this lifetime?

I never really considered that until now.  I now know something I didn’t know before and I have a decision to make.  New knowledge brings new decisions.  Sometimes I like that.  Sometimes I don’t.

Here’s what I know now:  This coffee shop now offers a promotion that if I purchase one of their very cool branded products – you know, the stainless and some color thermal one with the screw on lid that in theory doesn’t spill in the car, or the fun new colored plastic one for the iced drinks and smoothies – I would get $.50 off any beverage I put in the cup from now until the end of the year.

I kinda like the white one with the flip up cover that will keep my drink of choice (ones allowed at a coffee shop) hot while I pound away at some marketing copy or product content and forget that it gets cold.  It would cost me $15.00 plus a buck or so for tax, let’s say $16.00ish.  That’s only 32 trips to one of these places between now and the end of the year.  It’s a given I qualify for the finance part of the deal.  The issue is to REMEMBER to bring my very cool branded cup back to the coffee shop with me and not fill the landfills anymore with the paper and plastic cups, since Heaven knows, I’ve done my share.

I’m confident I’ll get upset with myself enough times that I’ll come up with a “remember THAT cup” routine.  Now, I must explore the brand inventory at a few more locations until I find “the one” that I choose to look at for the rest of the year…and not get bored.

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