Marinating Isn’t Only for Food

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It’s a cold, sunny day at the writers’ retreat.  Cindy here with the other WordQueen, Kath, and several other prolific writers making a dent in whatever realm they are using the written word to bring forth their brilliance.  I’m sitting in “The Workroom”, which is library-quiet, with the exception of keyboard and mouse clicks.  And an occasional sigh or yawn.

This is Day 2 of this three-day retreat, and it is becoming crystal clear that the writing being done here, away from distractions of daily routines and obligations, is important.  I’m surrounded by endeavors in writing everything from poetry to speeches to course materials to marketing copy to blog posts.  The talent and intention is thick.  We are all marinating in focus, accomplishment and creativity.

Surrounded by the beautiful, snowy woods in rural Minnesota, where the house was “popping” last night from the bitter cold, there is a silence that goes beyond this workroom.  The removal of all that was left in the background to create a new foreground, a white canvas, so to speak, can be awe-inspiring.

It’s difficult to see options available to us when we are like goldfish swimming laps and circles in the same bowl every day.  Can you really say to your friends, “Come join me…the water is wonderful!”?  Could your party be different in a giant fish tank?

Pulling ourselves out of life’s “sameness” in order to gain a new perspective on our work, our life directions, our offerings, our relationships, our health or whatever, involves expansion.  Whether this is done through travel, a new restaurant or even beginning a new sport or hobby, there is excitement in what the adventure holds.

I’ll raise my hand to be the first to say that I marinate in what’s “not working” way longer than either necessary, or functional, yet have experienced numerous times that a different environment will fan warm cinders of creativity into flames when my creative spirit is given oxygen.

If you are seeking to fan the flames of a project, a new business venture, a different exercise program, or an expanded marketing plan, what needs to be different in your surroundings or circumstances?  Which environments must you immerse yourself in next that contribute to expanding your learning, awareness and happiness?  Who in your circle can see what isn’t apparent to you and can give you input on sources to get you closer to your dreams and desires?   How about even a few days to absorb nature or take yourself on a date alone where you can be curious, like a child, about something you’ve always wanted to explore and haven’t yet?

When you don’t have a clue about how to accomplish something or are an “epic fail” (using my kids’ terminology) at certain skills, make the choice to get out of your own way and seek resources that can handle those tasks for you.  Seeing the world with “new eyes” can be both enchanting and fun!

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