Little goofs, big consequences.

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Kathleen here.

My hubby and I just had an interesting experience.  Joseph had offered to pick up some more boxes of my book, Net Profit: Business Networking Without the Nerves, from the warehouse.  I called said warehouse and arranged everything.

Everything except ensuring that they had the right books waiting.

It was only after Joseph brought the boxes home that we realized about half of them contained my books and the other half contained someone else’s – totally wrong title and author.  I’m looking on the bright side, and it still feels like a hassle to have unnecessarily unloaded those wrong boxes – not to mention the fact that they’re now restricting traffic flow in my garage.

I think what happened was that someone in the warehouse got moving a little too quickly and was a little sloppy in reading the codes on the boxes (the ISBN codes for the two titles are very similar).  A lack of attention to detail, boxes get mixed together on a palette, and the warehouse now has a cranky customer.  I’m not quite cranky enough to go bad-mouthing them online, but I’m certainly going to have a negative recommendation if anyone asks about their services in the future.

Which prompts me to ask myself:  Am I getting sloppy anywhere?  Am I paying attention to the details, like proofreading the copy WordQueens writes?  Am I meticulous on the bigger things, like following up promptly with clients and prospects? Or do I sometimes take the easy (read: lazy) way out?

My Love Language is Words of Affirmation.  (Haven’t yet read Gary Chapman’s book, The Five Love Languages?  It’s great from both a professional and personal standpoint.)  How can I reap kudos if I don’t deliver a high-quality product/service?  The answer:  I can’t.  So my recent warehouse experience is a good reminder:  I don’t have to be perfect, but I’d certainly better be damn good.

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