I started out the day
so combobulated.
What happened??

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One of the joys of being a WordQueen is that you have license to make up words, which is why I know that combobulated is the perfect word to describe the start to my recent day.  I got up early—not a small achievement for a hard-core night owl.  I got to my meeting in time to claim a prime spot in a busy coffee shop.  I even managed to divest myself of almost all the dog hair donated by my Golden retrievers (one of whom, recently described by her vet as looking “like a coffee table,” has a lot to donate). 

And then I got discombobulated.

Trouble getting online.  Finding my back-up stash of business cards empty.  Discovering I’d left an important file in the office.  Taking a brief brain vacation while talking to a prospect.


I find when a day falls apart on me, I tend to react in one of two ways:  (1) Curl into a fetal position and ingest mass quantities of chocolate, or (2) take a deep breath, do something that will re-charge and re-focus me, and ingest mass quantities of chocolate.

I’m so fortunate that I have a lot of people in my life I can turn to for help with Option 2.  In fact, one of the reasons I don’t stay down from discombobulated days is that I have a stupendous support system I can rely on.  Whether I need a “Poor baby!”, a whap upside the head, or some of that chocolate (dark, naturally), I know someone who can provide it.  These people are at least as integral to my business success as my laptop or my contact list.

So, if you’re having a discombobulated day, who and what do you turn to to get back on track?  If your support system is temporarily down, give me a call:  We’ll go get chocolate.

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