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As is our family tradition before we begin our Thanksgiving feast, we each take turns sharing what we are thankful for – a most heartwarming time for me as the mom.  I love that our country celebrates one day per year when gratitude is actually expressed amongst the masses.  I extend that blessing to all who read this post, too.  Thank you.

Where my brain started wandering, as I sit here beached on the couch in front of my son’s ginormous screen now airing the third football game of the day, was the awareness that there are only about five weeks left in 2011.  It’s really been a big year of change for many.

Only these changes had a notably different theme.  The shifts were more related to “I’ve about had it”, than from the result of something happening externally, like downsizing resulting in a job loss.  In most cases , there was a moment of drawing a line in the sand with a determined, “No more!”  My friend and colleague, Kathy Garland, has an effective “SO DONE” process for when it’s time to move on from something once and for all.  In some form or another, that concept has been pervasive this past year.

The news is full of stories about protests stemming from those fed up with a “system”. Larger scale issues or situations have worn out their effectiveness.  This same form of change has been happening at a very personal level, too.

In one instance, a friend was of great benefit to his organization.  He supported two of the top three accounts within his company.  His position kept evolving over time, eventually to the point that it was not longer working for him.  As a result, he decided it was time to inform his employer that he wasn’t interested in working with them as an employee any longer.  He now works as an independent contractor for the company, working with those same customers, only now on his terms, with more money, flexibility and happiness.

As a result of one of my “I’ve had it’s”, I moved into a different home this year that hadn’t had some updating for awhile.  Ok…like 30+ years.  One day, I just “had a moment.”  I looked at the wall in the foyer, walked over to it and started stripping the lovely mirrored wallpaper. That pretty much opened up a complete overhaul of the place, which brings up another point:  Saying “No more!” to what is no longer working can be messy.  It may involve changes in routines, finances, customers, relationships, tools, beliefs or being right.  Ouch, that last one can be painful.

As you count your blessings during this time of gratitude, ask yourself what you’ve about “had it” with so you can leave it behind as 2011 comes to a close.  You know something better is waiting for you.

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