Gotta Love the Haters

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“To Be or Not To Be”.    Civil, that is…

…when the “Delete” key is oh, so preciously close.

Yesterday I got some feedback that was pretty amusing.

As a marketing writer, I get to work with some pretty fantastic people who run good businesses and provide products and services that benefit individuals or the community at large in some way.

Yes, they all have competition.   In this day of information overload, everyone is seeking to keep their businesses “findable” and relevant by creating websites, social media posts, advertising pieces, running promotions and connecting with their ideal customers.

This month I wrote an email marketing campaign for a business offering a contest on facebook.  They had a database of past customers and prospects – all of whom they had provided some service to in the past couple of years.  I wrote engaging copy for both audiences.

With each email piece, which of course, carried an “opt-out” link, a few people removed themselves from the business’ data base.  I believe it’s important to clean up databases – not only to remove people who no longer are in need of or interested in what you have to offer, but also to remove toxicity.

You know who the toxic ones are – the crabby ones who bitch or complain that life’s a shit sandwich and you happen to be on the menu that day.  It’s just bad ju-ju to keep them around – even if they are findable in your electronics.

Ok, getting back to the feedback…

Once the second email of the campaign went out, my customer received this rant from Ms. CapsLock (not her real name):


Apparently, Ms. CapsLock is unfamiliar with a simple opt-out link, which is ok, and my client provided the service she was seeking by responding with:

Ms. CapsLock –

Thanks for your email.

We will remove you right away.  We were just trying to pass the offer along to everyone that may be interested.

Have a wonderful day.

(Company signature)”

In the time it took my customer to respond with this simple message to Ms. CapsLock, they had 5 new “likes” on facebook, and had more contest entries.

Moral of the story:  “Delete” keys were made for the “Caps Lock” types.  Delete toxic haters – in a civilized way, of course – and focus on serving who “likes” you!

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