Do you want that thing to run, swim or fly?

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I’ll build the creature…if you throw me the right bone.

Does that happen to you?  Say you are a kitchen carpenter, portrait artist, dress designer, commercial architect or a copywriter.  You get to create something spectacular from some scratched out notes of your clients’ ideas since they are not the experts in performing those sorts of feats.  They can see it in their mind’s eyes – maybe sorta kinda – and your genius is to make whatever-that-is become “real”.

For those of us who have the luxury of being in the businesses of creating something from little or nothing every day (aka: we make stuff up), some projects really start out with the thought, “Good grief, if you want me to build this thing, can you at least throw me a bone?!”  Think about that question – it’s silliness.  One bone isn’t gonna cut it.  It is important to remember to ask for more key ingredients to inventing the very creature you were hired to build from the bone or few you were given.

You may be speculating at first if the manifesting bone belongs to a pterodactyl or maybe an armadillo, when your client has secret visions of the most beautiful seahorse ever.  To avoid disappointment, misunderstanding and actually have fun with your project, here are a few up-front “starter questions” you might consider asking the recipient of your craft, while you are sitting there holding that bare bone in your lap:

Ok, you creative geniuses get the idea and probably have habitat, activities, food consumption questions and the like you can add to your inquiries.  The more information you can gather up front, the more pop-corning your brain is going to do in the shower.  The end result:  your client is happier than ever that you could build more bones, add them to the original one on your lap, and put them in the right places to create the creature they love that is even more fabulous than what they envisioned.

Because that’s what artists do.

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