Do or do not.
There is no “try”.

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Master Yoda strikes again.

I love the scene from The Empire Strikes Back in which Luke tells Yoda he’ll try to raise his downed ship from a swamp.  Yoda zings back with the above comment.


I know I’ve gotten way better at “doing” or “not doing”.  At the same time, I realize I get to be ever-vigilant to avoid slipping into the easy-but-counterproductive habit of saying “I’ll try” or otherwise not committing to step into action.

In fact, I was nearly busted for that today in my Mastermind group.  As I was setting goals for next week , I said I would “identify” likely prospects for a new service I’m rolling out.  Before anyone could call me on that wussy goal, I corrected myself and declared that I would identify and call those prospects.

How often do you get sucked into doing some activity which only masquerades as forward progress?  How often do you feel virtuous for accomplishing “something”, only to be forced to admit that it was not the right something?

When you take time to hone your marketing messages – whether on your website, your blog, or in your “elevator speech” – do you truly challenge yourself to dig deeper for the real value you provide your client, or do you settle for just tweaking your message?

Remember:  Easy is not the same as effective.

When you realize  you’re “trying” to wear every single hat in your business, perhaps it’s time to remind yourself to “do or do not”.  Either commit to doing the activity or – a far better choice if said activity is not something you shine at  – not doing it.  The joy of outsourcing it to someone who is skilled in that area is that the task gets done and you don’t stress yourself over having a half-finished project hanging over your head.

Running a business is challenging enough without setting up unrealistic expectations and stressful “should”s.  Be courageous enough to admit what you know in your gut you won’t do, and off-load that job now.

Do or do not.  There is no “try”.

– Kathleen

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