Copy right?

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How very fortunate I am that the Universe makes sure I get plenty of lessons in humility.  😐

It was my turn to contact one of our clients with questions.  I chose to do so via e-mail and CC’d my sister WordQueen so everyone could stay in the loop.  This would have been a complete non-event had not WQC informed me that I’d typed my phone number incorrectly.


I’m doing my best to see all the positives that arose from this mistake. 

Who knew one little numeral could be such a good teacher?

One Response to Copy right?

  1. Cindy says:

    Hey, Kath…it’s ONE number! You hit the other 9 dead-on. 90% is still an “A” if we grade on a bell curve.

    Relax! That’s why there are TWO of us! Good grief. Imagine people who hire one copywriter, not a team like we are….could a single writer catch as much as we do in order to make his/her clients’ copy right?

    Just sayin’.



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