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The Lavender Made Me Do It!

This WordQueen is on a mission to write her fingers off.

For YOU.

Being the world’s best manifester, I won the lottery.


I get to go on (and finance!) a  dream-come-true trip to Bulgaria during the harvesting of Lavender essential oil – one of my many obsessions.  You can read about how that all came about here.

So naturally, I was thinking, “How can I make this a win-win for my people – NOW?”

So I birthed this promo:

2017: Your Personal Brand and Your Personal Best

Is it time to create or update your personal brand on your very own personal website?  Or maybe it’s time to update your antiquated company’s website?  In either case, professional SEO keyword-rich website copy is a must!

Website copywriting package special: $500 ($120 savings)

Need some marketing copy, but not website copy?  Let’s talk about possibly blog articles, email promos, long sales copy 😉 or other marketing copy that may fit your need to get your message to the world and I’ll give you a deal on your project price! 

If you live in the U.S., a 15ml bottle of Lavender essential oil is also part of this offer (so we can have at least one matching obsession).

IF it’s time for you to REFRESH YOUR MARKETING MESSAGE TO THE WORLD, let this WordQueen know!

There are a few minor “small print” notes including this Personal Brand/Personal Best promo EXPIRES 1-15-17 on the bottom of this page.

Get your Lavender on!….the perfect way to relax after a hectic holiday season.

Now we are 6.

WordQueens turns 6 today!!! 🙂

Consider the 29 years the main copywriting queen has been in marketing BEFORE becoming an “official” WQ to understand the reason the business isn’t called WordPrincesses.  Proud to celebrate this copywriting company and all the content that’s been written to promote so many businesses.

To celebrate turning SIX years old on May 24th….

WordQueens will create some “words that inspire” for you!

Save some marketing dollars while keeping yourself in front of your ideal audience!

24% off copywriting services for 6 days (contract by 5/30/16)

Or for those of you who like to “think about it” 🙂 , 6% off for 24 days (contract by 6/17/16)

Email: cindy@wordqueens.com if you are in need of some original, fresh content at a savings!

“New Message“ trumps “New You”

“New Year, New You” would make it to #1 on my “Most Annoying Headlines” list.  If I had a list.

I remember doing a speech with that title about decade ago.  Yaaawwwnnnn.  The world really could use some decent headline writers who can speak to the literal among us – the majority of our population.

I understand the reason content writers use that headline – even if it’s antiquated.  There is nothing like a squeaky clean new year to get everyone on the bandwagon of regrouping, freshening, or even deciding it’s time for a complete overhaul.  Much of our resolve to “change-things-this-year-once-and-for-all” is spurred by things we wish were different in our lives.

Resolutions, while commendable in concept, are “put off” until some magic date, often New Year’s Day, as somehow things will be “different” on that special date because [fill in your illusion here].

“Wishing” vs. “Declaring” are motives generated from two very different places within each of us.  Ask yourself if your resolutions for cleaner eating, more hours at the gym, decluttering and organizing, or staying more connected with friends fall into either the “Nice Idea” or “No Kidding” category.  Yeah.  Ouch, right?

Many of us get so accustomed to our own hamster wheels of life, so dictated by our repeated patterns that we believe that’s simply “what is”.  And to think we can easily switch to some new behavior because the ball dropped again in Times Square?

My experience, after a long career as an effectiveness coach, is that people will reach their goals and aspirations to change much sooner when they both put them in writing and declare them publicly in some way.  Could it be time for a new public declaration with your marketing message?  Your new sales offering?  Your story?

“New Year, New Message”

Every single day, “messaging” is what we all do.

We write.  We read.  We watch.  We listen for distinctive ring tones on our smart phones.

We text, post on social media sites, publish blog entries, create videos, compose music.  We strive to be heard, to be acknowledged, to be loved.

All day.  Every day.  Messages, messages.

It can become pervasive, chaotic and messy to manage.

How is YOUR message going to be seen and heard in the sea of entertaining messages or marketing content all of us are practically drowning in daily?

Maybe a new perspective is what you could use?  How about if you offered a fresh new message to your peeps?

Sure, you have 365 days to make a difference with your brilliance.  By February 1, you’ll be down to 334 days.  The clock ticks…and waits for none of us to like it ticking away.  It just ticks.

If you don’t hit the ground running, nothing will be different (you know that, I know that).  Before you know it you’ll be all distracted with what to get your sweetie for Valentine’s Day.

How to solve?  Let me be your WQ* for a bit!  I’ll make this stupid easy for you – easier than any of your “nice idea” New Year’s Resolutions which will soon fall off your radar screen.  Again.  Easier, because YOU don’t have to actually DO the heavy lifting and still get fit.  Slick, huh?  Here’s the deal:

Yesterday, I was thinking about January 1, 2014.


1’s and 4’s (Yeah…patterns.  Can’t really help it)

Hmmm…What can I do with “1’s and 4’s” to inspire “New Year, New Message” fresh content so people can actually GET IT DONE for themselves early in the year?  How can I serve those who 1) don’t know where to start, 2) don’t have time or 3) find it difficult to shift their mindset to develop a new effective message?  What could be my helluva deal?

Your WQ’s* genius solution:

I’m all excited.  I always get to work with people who are “up to something”.  Lucky lucky.

Is it time for you to publish something with a new twist?  Do you have a colleague who can’t write, won’t write or probably shouldn’t write their own stuff (I mean the public content)?  I’d be honored to be your writer and idea strategist if NOW is your time to express your message and your coolness to the world.

Contact me soon – please and thank you.  I’ll need much more coffee by the 14th.

Caveat (since “options” is one of my favorite words):  If you need something a little different than this limited promo — like maybe a combo of pieces, a campaign, or something — let’s talk and we’ll maybe include a 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8 or 9 if you like those numbers better.

You know it’s going to be your best year…ever!



(*) – WQ in this article means WordQueen, copywriter, buddy, best friend, coach, teacher, cheerleader, pep talker, voice in your head nagging you to do what you know to be your truth or to be necessary

Before you jump all over me, suggesting I look in the mirror as I rarely update this WordQueens website, I’m painfully aware it could seriously use some vacuuming and dusting on all my pages.   I’ve never been a fan of dusting until “it’s about darn time”, so I’ll stay in true form for another few weeks and work on writing your stuff first.

Gotta Love the Haters

“To Be or Not To Be”.    Civil, that is…

…when the “Delete” key is oh, so preciously close.

Yesterday I got some feedback that was pretty amusing.

As a marketing writer, I get to work with some pretty fantastic people who run good businesses and provide products and services that benefit individuals or the community at large in some way.

Yes, they all have competition.   In this day of information overload, everyone is seeking to keep their businesses “findable” and relevant by creating websites, social media posts, advertising pieces, running promotions and connecting with their ideal customers.

This month I wrote an email marketing campaign for a business offering a contest on facebook.  They had a database of past customers and prospects – all of whom they had provided some service to in the past couple of years.  I wrote engaging copy for both audiences.

With each email piece, which of course, carried an “opt-out” link, a few people removed themselves from the business’ data base.  I believe it’s important to clean up databases – not only to remove people who no longer are in need of or interested in what you have to offer, but also to remove toxicity.

You know who the toxic ones are – the crabby ones who bitch or complain that life’s a shit sandwich and you happen to be on the menu that day.  It’s just bad ju-ju to keep them around – even if they are findable in your electronics.

Ok, getting back to the feedback…

Once the second email of the campaign went out, my customer received this rant from Ms. CapsLock (not her real name):


Apparently, Ms. CapsLock is unfamiliar with a simple opt-out link, which is ok, and my client provided the service she was seeking by responding with:

Ms. CapsLock –

Thanks for your email.

We will remove you right away.  We were just trying to pass the offer along to everyone that may be interested.

Have a wonderful day.

(Company signature)”

In the time it took my customer to respond with this simple message to Ms. CapsLock, they had 5 new “likes” on facebook, and had more contest entries.

Moral of the story:  “Delete” keys were made for the “Caps Lock” types.  Delete toxic haters – in a civilized way, of course – and focus on serving who “likes” you!

Do you want that thing to run, swim or fly?

I’ll build the creature…if you throw me the right bone.

Does that happen to you?  Say you are a kitchen carpenter, portrait artist, dress designer, commercial architect or a copywriter.  You get to create something spectacular from some scratched out notes of your clients’ ideas since they are not the experts in performing those sorts of feats.  They can see it in their mind’s eyes – maybe sorta kinda – and your genius is to make whatever-that-is become “real”.

For those of us who have the luxury of being in the businesses of creating something from little or nothing every day (aka: we make stuff up), some projects really start out with the thought, “Good grief, if you want me to build this thing, can you at least throw me a bone?!”  Think about that question – it’s silliness.  One bone isn’t gonna cut it.  It is important to remember to ask for more key ingredients to inventing the very creature you were hired to build from the bone or few you were given.

You may be speculating at first if the manifesting bone belongs to a pterodactyl or maybe an armadillo, when your client has secret visions of the most beautiful seahorse ever.  To avoid disappointment, misunderstanding and actually have fun with your project, here are a few up-front “starter questions” you might consider asking the recipient of your craft, while you are sitting there holding that bare bone in your lap:

Ok, you creative geniuses get the idea and probably have habitat, activities, food consumption questions and the like you can add to your inquiries.  The more information you can gather up front, the more pop-corning your brain is going to do in the shower.  The end result:  your client is happier than ever that you could build more bones, add them to the original one on your lap, and put them in the right places to create the creature they love that is even more fabulous than what they envisioned.

Because that’s what artists do.

“Please Tell Me You’re Not Serious.”

How many times have you heard that? If not many, you probably were never a parent or a teenager.

Disclaimer: I’m writing this while frustrated, so I’m likely to go on some kind of rant because, like the cobbler whose kids have holes in their shoes, I haven’t figured out my own stuff while performing the same tasks my clients expect me to rock for them.

I hate that when that happens.

I’ve been thinking it’s time WordQueens gets a tag line. You know, walk our talk. A good part of life as a copywriter is coming up with headlines, subtitles, bullet-points, and conversations to make our clients’ customers “get them” – buy their fabulous stuff, make their brilliance relevant to their customers’ needs, etc.  Seems easy enough, right? As long as the search engines are happy if it’s online written content, or someone actually reads the direct mail piece, or a brochure gets swiped out of a rack because it intrigues.

Then there are tag lines – the identification phrases that further “define” what the business or brand is about – and often take up logo space, real estate on printed collateral and website banners. Taglines tend to be more “permanent” and can often anchor a company’s culture – in a shorter, more public way than a mission statement. Considering one of my 2 favorite words is “options”, making this “just right” for the customer usually has my brain go into overdrive…never leaving me alone in the shower, while driving…you know the drill.

For our own descriptive, I thought I’d start with what we are NOT, just to get that crap out of my head. The “process of elimination” strategy was the starting point this time because the usual popcorn brain strategy wasn’t popping.  What to eliminate?  Well, in my writer’s group, there is a lovely lady, Laura Barclay, who is an expert on “etiquette and civility” and gets a lot of deserved press for her genius. Those of you having that sort of need, please check out Laura’s site. That’s where the “elimination” idea came to mind.

Last week, I had to remind my writer friends that WordQueens was not about “etiquette and civility” even though we work with clients who can handle both – ummm – ways of being. We’re not talking sass and obnoxious here or anything, but I already know that our “direct” style of having clients get what they are asking for works for us. We just don’t start and stop the game with the “words” they need written.  Our writers have decades of experience with screwing up and succeeding, so we can cut to the chase and produce – all while giving value beyond the writing, of course.

After eliminating the etiquette piece, I came up with about 25 ideas that were marginal at best.  I knew I ran myself into a muddy ditch and kept spinning.  Even coming back to it later, which almost always generates a new perspective, didn’t help.  I needed a mental towing service!  I sent my lame list to one of my advisors at KABYT, who has a promoter’s brain.  His comment, “I’m going to be blunt. Because you know it’s coming from a place of love. These are blah. You are a badass writer. These headlines sound like a shitty bullet point on a resume.”

I couldn’t even say, “Ouch!”.  LOVED the feedback…even if it did state the obvious – my list sucked. The solution has not shown up but at least I’ve gotten the towing service to pull me out of my rut.

If you have a beating heart, I promise there are times that happens for you.  Do you do something about it?  At times we all need an outside perspective from a coach, teacher, friend or expert that can give us the “Please-tell-me-you’re-not-serious…I’m-sure-your-brain-cells-will-return-soon” talk.  Are you open to shut up and listen, shift and further your progress on whatever you are seeking to accomplish?

We were not meant to be experts in everything, and even if we are an expert in something…another perspective can often make all the difference. Reach out!

Here’s my reach out today….LOVE to have you “like” WordQueens on facebook!  I’ll likely unveil our tagline (meaning some clever wording on what we can do for those who need writing done) there. Once I get out of my own way, of course.  WQCindy

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