Ah, If Only Copywriting Were All It Took…

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As I sit here in my office-away-from-home (AKA Caribou Coffee) with my sister WordQueen, Cindy, I’m struggling to keep my brain from exploding.

I’m typically not an early adopter of technology, so I tend to move slowly into the use of social media – except for those times when Cindy drags me forcibly forward at full speed. But I’m being good and learning all this stuff, because it’s in the best interests of both my clients and my business.  My challenge is to figure out how to go about learning and applying the knowledge in a way that’s effective, fun, and non-damaging (I already know the potential for shooting myself in the foot is substantial).

I see a whole slew of benefits to becoming a savvy social media user:  I share valuable information with fellow business professionals; build relationships with people I may or may not ever meet face to face; practice my writing craft; expand my comfort zone; and develop a gazillion new synaptic connections in my brain (as long as I can keep it from exploding…).

While I may be a copywriter by trade, I’m also a lifelong learner by choice.  It would certainly be more comfortable for me to stay in my comfort zone and just focus on being a wordie, but I know it’s more beneficial for me to stretch the envelope a bit, to learn and do things that aren’t naturally in my skill set.  I just hope I don’t inadvertently rupture the envelope one day.   😯

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