WordQueen Cindy here with a short and sweet note about “us”.

“Us” is about you and more-than-likely-me over here in the writing queen’s chair.  And we both have a mission, you and I.

My job is to “get” you.  Your job is to get me to “get you” by providing me enough info about what you need to say so I can boldly and (pick your favorite adverb) take your marketing message to the world!

I’ve been immersed in marketing and sales since the early 1980’s, either pitching my own ideas, concepts or products or those of my company or co-workers. I have an extensive history of writing everything from stories (remember “Facts Tell, Stories Sell”) to articles, newsletters, emails and verbal presentations to help build many kingdoms and queendoms.

Most of them worked.

I learned more from the ones that didn’t work.  As the saying goes, “Experience is what you get when you don’t get what you want.”  Over three decades in the marketing and selling of ideas and things has advanced my writing effectiveness well beyond the WordPrincess stage.  With experience comes wisdom.

Fortunately, lessons learned from my bumps and bruises in my earlier writing days make it easier on YOU.

What I don’t personally write for you (I prefer not to do massive editing or proofreading), I have other tried and trusted writers, editors and proofreaders who may be the best option for your project.  They have years of experience learning what works and what doesn’t.  Again to your advantage.

You will know when it’s time to offload your content writing burden and focus on your genius. Whether you are serious about having a writer for either a single project or for your ongoing writing needs, WordQueens would be delighted to support you in building your empire.


In the meantime, I’m writing something somewhere for someone, many times as a ghost writer.  Where I’m not invisible would be my blog page – the space I make rare, periodic editorial comments on random stuff, sometimes to just get it out of my system, sometimes to teach something interesting, curious or, if I’ve had wine*, profound.  Love to have you leave a comment if it speaks to you.

Thanks for stopping by…

Cindy Daniels, WQ

*Not to worry…as Hemingway’s notable quote implies – if wine is consumed by any WQ copywriter while writing clients’ content late into the night, we always edit sober.


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