You can’t, you won’t or it’s in everybody’s best interest if you don’t.

Write your own stuff for the public to see, that is.

Face it.  Lots of people write.  Blogging is bigger than ever.  We have learned the language of hashtags, acronyms and abbreviations that didn’t exist even a few years ago.

Yet there is a strong distinction between being efficient and being effective.

We can save the day for you in these areas:

”What is your procedure?”

It’s not every day one hires a copywriter.

As unexplainable as producing “art” can sometimes be, most writers, (like athletes, bakers, carpenters, séance leaders and mechanics) have some sort of “system” they follow to reach their intended results.

Here is generally how we make things happen at WordQueens.  Since I, Cindy Daniels, write the vast majority of the marketing content, here are some basics that I have found work well with our talented clients:

  1. We chat and figure out if a) the prospective client thinks I am the writer they want to work with on their project and b) if I can/want to do their job.  It is not uncommon for us to have some form of “marketing strategy” conversation, since that is not only how I think, it’s also ultimately the purpose of the end product.
  2. If we decide to play together, then I customize an inquiry questionnaire for the client to start the process and a writing engagement contract with the terms we’ve agreed upon which we both sign.
  3. Once the upfront info is sent to me and writing deposit is made, I do a bunch of ‘investigative exploring” (code for “research”, which I find un-fun, so I “explore”).  It is crucial for me to learn about the client, their industry, the competition, etc.
  4. Most contracts require I turn a first draft back to my client within five (5) business days of getting all the necessary information I need to begin writing.  So while I’m “exploring”, I’m also waiting for my Creative Genius to get his act together and show up on the couch in my office with a cup, bottle or glass of something so we can get to work. For those of you unfamiliar with the creative genius concept, Elizabeth Gilbert explains it brilliantly in her hilarious, excellent TED talk.
  5. My genius and I make stuff up, uh….I mean I write original copy, and turn the first draft of the client’s message to them for review.
  6. The client, in turn, gets back to WordQueens within five (5) days with what edits are necessary so their marketing message is just right for the intended audience.
  7. We typically finish it off with a couple back and forth tweaks and viola!  They have their written marketing content in a final draft copy for their intended use.

WordQueens’ intention is to make this process efficient, effective, fun and ideally save you from writing hell.  Your marketing message needs to be out into the world, not tied up in the process to get it to those you are serving.

Call us when you realize you know better than to tackle a writing job that you don’t have the capability, the capacity or the interest in doing.


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